Why Client Communication Is Essential to Surviving an Economic Shift

Are you struggling to navigate your Vancouver Island business through difficult times? Finding that your business suddenly lacks paying customers or experiences a significant drop in clients IS scary, we get that. But remember, economic downturns are temporary and the choices you make now can positively impact your business’ potential for success once conditions do return to normal.

There are steps you can take right now to positively secure a brighter position for the future of your Vancouver Island business. First off,  stay optimistic and remember: your clients haven’t gone away because of poor business strategies. Your clients are just as much in flux as you are and, honestly, they want to hear from you.

During an economic downturn maintaining consistent and clear client communication is critical. 

Reach Out

When situations out of your control alter your business path it’s important to take time and reach out to your clients. After all, they’re likely feeling wary as well.

Try communicating to them with a brief email, a notice on your website, or by calling them directly if feasible. Explain how your business is being impacted and reassure them your products and services will become available as soon as possible. Not only will this serve to deepen your connection with your customers it will also show you’re committed to their needs and to your business.

Be Available 

Maintain an open line of communication between you and your customers. Keep the phone lines open, respond to emails and messages promptly; continue to be part of your client’s lives. 

If your business is lacking the ability to respond to your clients in a timely and meaningful way, consider adopting new technologies. Try improving your business’ communication toolkit by optimizing your website’s UX, sending weekly newsletters, or replace an outdated digital presence with a fully functional website.

Keep Clients Updated

Let your clients know what you’re up to and how you’re working to improve products and services during self- isolation and physical distancing. If you’re concerned that too much information may come across as overbearing and spam-like, consider data we found in SendGrid’s 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study

In the recent study, it was determined that 32 % of people who sign up for information about a product or service like receiving weekly emails. Additionally,  a further 37% of those polled prefer daily communications from their preferred services and retailers.

In short, frequent updates to your clients is a great way to maintain a lasting and meaningful connection with them.

Transition to an Online Platform

If you have a product that can be shipped directly to customers, then now is an opportune time to join the thousands of other Vancouver Island businesses that utilize a digital storefront.

Services that aren’t based on physical products, like legal assistance, finance professionals, or contractors, can also benefit from investing in digital resources. For example, If you’ve shifted locations from an office space to working from home, a website is an easy way to reach new clients and let people know you’re still available.

Keeping up-to-date with communication technology like online conference options, and trending social media platforms will also keep your business poised for success.

Keep Information Rolling Forward

While many of your clients may not be financially able to jump on your latest sales and products at this time, keep them focused on your business so you can be there for them when sales conditions improve.

Provide useful information that clients can relate too, benefit from,  and will appreciate receiving. This will add value to your business by boosting your company’s reputation. For dental offices in Nanaimo, consider sharing tips to maintain good dental health. Chiropractors in Sooke can share physical stretches that are good for reducing stress, and Victoria plumbers can offer short tutorials on simple plumbing tasks.

Vancouver Island is Your Community

Building your business and your brand didn’t happen easily, or overnight. As a Vancouver Island business owner, you’ve likely invested in the people you serve and are proud to be part of the community. As you shift into new circumstances make it a priority to maintain those connections you’ve worked hard to build. 

For more ideas on how to effectively connect with your audience during times of economic fluctuations, contact Alter Ego Marketing. As part of the Vancouver Island community, we can help you maintain a clear direction for your locally operated business.

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