Canna Tours – Case Study

About Canna Tours

Canna Tours was started in 2015 to provide insight into the new cannabis industry in Canada. Canna Tours partners with Canada’s top cannabis companies to create educational and unique experiences for tourists around the world.

The Challenge

Canna Tours approached our team in late November of 2018 because their site, built-in Wix, was not performing very well. Canna Tours’ traffic and sales had dropped. Q4 is a crucial time for any eCommerce business, but since Canna Tours sells Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendars as an important part of their annual income, they absolutely needed a site that was functioning properly. On top of that, Canna Tours had just published a post that had gone viral and they didn’t want to lose the benefits of the publicity. They needed a new site … and fast!

The plan was to get a fully functioning WordPress site designed, developed and launched within a couple of days. Ecommerce would be handled by WooCommerce.

Implementing The Plan

Day 1

Because the timeline was so short (impossible?), and required the coordination of different experts with different skill-sets, we first created a detailed to-do list. The goal was a website with a clean, simple design, and intuitive User Experience. Our team was stoked and up for the challenge.

Within a day our team of developers had the development site’s basic design and structure set up. The content of the old site had been imported, but some of it did not import very well. The blog, —all 40 posts — had to be fixed manually.

Day 2


By day 2 the development site was a fully functional site. It still needed images, service pages and some search engine optimization (SEO) love.


The developers decided to point the name servers since it can take 24 hours to propagate, even though not all of the SEO was finished. Metadata was completed, but some crucial SEO tasks such as 301 redirects and removing dead links still needed to be done.


The name servers were already pointed (that was fast!). Our developers made the necessary adjustments in WordPress and the site was live! By early afternoon, the orders were rolling in.

Day 3

The site was up on the web, looked great, and was functioning well. We fixed a few remaining broken links, but otherwise, it was done! Since Day 2, Canna Tours had pulled in $2,690. in Christmas Calendar Revenue.

The Outcome

Due to the meticulous planning, and the tight coordination of our developers and SEO crew, the design, build and migration to a new WordPress site went absolutely smoothly. Our team really pulled it together to put up a site in record time with absolutely no downtime and no loss of business. A week after the migration, Canna Tours was ranking in the top 3 on Google for a range of cannabis keyword variations that people were using to find the calendars. In fact, Canna Tours had one of their best Christmas seasons to date, and it didn’t stop there. Recent stats show that page views have risen 3,146.18 % over last year!

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