Wordpress Website for Your Business

Why Your Vancouver Island Business Should Have a WordPress Website

If you’re a Vancouver Island business owner, you’re likely already aware of how important an established website is to operate a lucrative business. But, did you know that the site builder you choose to build your company’s website with can have an immense impact on your business?

Website builder platforms, like WordPress or GoDaddy, are like any other product sector in that they vary in quality, functionality, and cost. Just as no two car companies are alike, neither are website building companies and services. 

In this article, we discuss why Vancouver Island business owners should have a professionally built WordPress website. We will also explain how choosing a WordPress designed website will allow West Coast companies to thrive — in both the local market and the global stage.

WordPress Sites Can Adapt

Businesses on Vancouver Island, such as a plumbing professional in Courtney or a mortgage broker in Victoria, know that adaptability is key to maintaining long-term business success. 

Examples of adaptability in business include adjusting to economic fluctuations, shifting marketing strategies, and allowing for the evolution of products and services.

 Responsive Web Design

Two common examples of how a WordPress site can adapt alongside a Vancouver Island business are:

  • e-commerce. Adding online shopping and shipping components to an artisan storefront in Chemainus, or enable online bookings to a Sooke photographer’s online gallery.
  • Update information. Keeping customers updated and informed with the latest store hours, discounts, and events are essential for Vancouver Island businesses. This requires a website that can be easily updated.

Island-based business owners need a well-functioning website that can adapt and evolve alongside their business. And, it should be able to do so with ease. This is why a locally built WordPress website is the go-to solution for small business owners.

Businesses with WordPress Sites Rank Better On Search Engines

How well a website can rank on a search engine, — such as Google or Bing, determines how easily a business can be found by new and existing customers. The higher the ranking a website can achieve, the easier it is for online users to find the company. The lower the ranking, the harder it is to be discovered.

Digital marketing Strategy

Basically, if you want online users to find your British Columbia business, you need to get ranked.

Optimizing how well a website rank is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This can be done with carefully a curated digital marketing strategy. However, starting out with a website designed with SEO in mind is an excellent point to jump from. 

WordPress designed sites are some of the highest-ranking websites on Google. They can be easily tailored to incorporate ever-changing SEO strategies. The best way to develop a WordPress website in the Greater Victoria area with built-in SEO capabilities is to enlist the help of a local web development agency specializing in SEO.

WordPress Sites Are User Friendly

In 2020, having a user-friendly website is essential for business owners, service providers, and blogging influencers on Vancouver Island. And, today’s definition of user-friendly means that everyone who interacts with the website can do so with ease. This applies to audience members who view it, the back-end developers who build it, and content managers who update and select a compatible web host.

WordPress sites can be built with free themes that can easily be used every day by business owners and their staff with minimal technical training. This is ideal for downtown Nanaimo restaurant owners looking to update their menus without the assistance of a web developer or, for a Port Hardy jeweler to manage their online store product inventory.

Combining the benefits of a professionally built website with a great user experience is a quality solution Vancouver Island business owners can experience by choosing a WordPress website.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island WordPress Developers Make Business Sense 

For a business website to be successful in Victoria, BC, it needs to be more than a basic site. It needs to interact with customers, influence new buyers, and make a good impression with search engine algorithms. In today’s competitive online marketplace having a website that can simultaneously serve multiple functions isn’t just a reality; it’s a business necessity. 

For locally-based website developers who understand the unique needs of Vancouver Island community organizations and business owners, consult with Alter-Ego Marketing Group. We are available to assess your website development needs and create a plan that your company can grow with for years.

Vancouver Island business owner

Why Client Communication Is Essential to Surviving an Economic Shift

Are you struggling to navigate your Vancouver Island business through difficult times? Finding that your business suddenly lacks paying customers or experiences a significant drop in clients IS scary, we get that. But remember, economic downturns are temporary and the choices you make now can positively impact your business’ potential for success once conditions do return to normal.

There are steps you can take right now to positively secure a brighter position for the future of your Vancouver Island business. First off,  stay optimistic and remember: your clients haven’t gone away because of poor business strategies. Your clients are just as much in flux as you are and, honestly, they want to hear from you

During an economic downturn maintaining consistent and clear communication with your client is critical. 

Reach Out

business owner communicating with clients

When situations out of your control alter your business path it’s important to take time and reach out to your clients. After all, they’re likely feeling wary as well.

Try communicating to them with a brief email, a notice on your website, or by calling them directly if feasible. Explain how your business is being impacted and reassure them your products and services will become available as soon as possible. Not only will this serve to deepen your connection with your customers it will also show you’re committed to their needs and to your business.

Be Available 

Maintain an open line of communication between you and your customers. Keep the phone lines open, respond to emails and messages promptly; continue to be part of your client’s lives. 

If your business is lacking the ability to respond to your clients in a timely and meaningful way, consider adopting new technologies. Try improving your business’ communication toolkit by optimizing your website’s UX, sending weekly newsletters, or replace an outdated digital presence with a fully functional website.

Keep Clients Updated

Let your clients know what you’re up to and how you’re working to improve products and services during self- isolation and physical distancing. If you’re concerned that too much information may come across as overbearing and spam-like, consider data we found in SendGrid’s 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study

In the recent study, it was determined that 32 % of people who sign up for information about a product or service like receiving weekly emails. Additionally,  a further 37% of those polled prefer daily communications from their preferred services and retailers.

In short, frequent updates to your clients is a great way to maintain a lasting and meaningful connection with them.

Transition to an Online Platform

business owner shipping packages from ecommerce sales

If you have a product that can be shipped directly to customers, then now is an opportune time to join the thousands of other Vancouver Island businesses that utilize a digital storefront.

Services that aren’t based on physical products, like legal assistance, finance professionals, or contractors, can also benefit from investing in digital resources. For example, If you’ve shifted locations from an office space to working from home, a website is an easy way to reach new clients and let people know you’re still available.

Keeping up-to-date with communication technology like online conference options, and trending social media platforms will also keep your business poised for success.

Keep Information Rolling Forward

While many of your clients may not be financially able to jump on your latest sales and products at this time, keep them focused on your business so you can be there for them when sales conditions improve. 

Provide useful information that clients can relate too, benefit from,  and will appreciate receiving. This will add value to your business by boosting your company’s reputation. For dental offices in Nanaimo, consider sharing tips to maintain good dental health. Chiropractors in Sooke can share physical stretches that are good for reducing stress, and Victoria plumbers can offer short tutorials on simple plumbing tasks.

Vancouver Island is Your Community

Vancouver Island residents Kayaking

Building your business and your brand didn’t happen easily, or overnight. As a Vancouver Island business owner, you’ve likely invested in the people you serve and are proud to be part of the community. As you shift into new circumstances make it a priority to maintain those connections you’ve worked hard to build. 

For more ideas on how to effectively connect with your audience during times of economic fluctuations, contact the Alter-Ego Marketing Group. As part of the Vancouver Island community, we can help you maintain a clear direction for your locally operated business.